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Need 98% verified leads in a certain niche?  We have you covered.  Our in-house verification software ensures you get real data so you won’t waste time or money chasing down bad leads. So what does this actually mean?

That means that every lead we send your way will have a verified email address and phone number associated with it.  Just think of how many headaches that solves just by knowing that the person you’re reaching out to will actually receive your message.  The days of talking into the void with no answer back are gone.

A case study

By Gartner and Harvard Business Review

Broad polling across industries has found that customer data decays at a rate of 70% per year. Not only that, the average company wastes $9.7m per year dealing with poor data quality. In fact, the average worker spends up to 50% of their time correcting errors and confirming data, a staggering amount of waste. 

Yearly Data Decay Rate
Wasted Employee Time on Bad Data
Average Top of Funnel Bad Data Rate
Bad Data From Human Error

data you can rely on

a new world for real-time lead gen

As shown above, bad data can have a dramatic impact on your business’ resources. Not only will it waste your time and money, it will wreak  havoc on your marketing campaigns by riddling your analytics with invalid metrics. Obsolete or invalid leads make it impossible to know if your campaigns are effective. 

This corruption bleeds into every part of your business. It decreases customer satisfaction and trust by making support difficult, increasing customer churn and damaging your brand reputation. You can avoid all of this and recapture missed opportunities with our unique data verification method. 

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